All vehicles have a suspension system. This is simply the different elements that connect the vehicle to the wheels. It includes things such as the shock absorbers, springs, struts and alignment. They work together to create a ride that is both smooth as well as stable.

It is time to get your shocks and struts looked at when the car has about 50,000 miles, or if you notice that it is not handling as well as it should. This can be done once they are inspected thoroughly. Wheel alignment is something that should be checked on a regularly basis since it affects the wear and tear on the tires and the vehicles ability to track in a straight line. If the tires look like they are wearing unnaturally and the vehicle is not driving in a straight fashion, then alignment needs to be adjusted.

The dealership is always happy to help and make any adjustments or repairs on the suspension system. If you feel that this is an issue for your vehicle, take it in so your drive can once become smoother and easier to handle.


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