How Can You Correct a Slide on Icy Roads?

The most important rule to follow when roads are icy is not to drive. However, in our busy society that option, more often than not, is off the table. If you must drive, then drive slowly. Never drive more than 45 mph in any vehicle. There is evidence that a front-wheel-drive car travels better on an icy road than a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. That is because the propulsion is pulling, not pushing.

If you must drive when the roads are icy, then take care not to get into a sliding situation. If you get into a slide, turn your front wheels into the direction of the slide. This action tends to negate the effect of the slide.

When icy conditions prevail, and you must drive, make your way to Duncan Acura to get your chains installed. Use every precaution for your safety.



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