What is the Differential in Your Car?

At Duncan Acura, one of our goals is to help our consumers keep their vehicles in optimal condition. One important component of your vehicle is the differential. It is important to keep your car's differential fluid changed on a regular basis to ensure that it performs well.

Your vehicle's differential is a gearbox that is housed between the drive wheels. Vehicles that are equipped with four-wheel drive typically have a front and rear differential. A differential works with the transmission to transport power from the engine to the axle that turns the wheels. A differential also aids in turning. The outside wheels need to rotate faster than the inside wheels during a turn, and a differential enables each side to turn at different speeds so that you have better control of your vehicle.

Your differential's fluid needs to be changed because it transfers heat away from the gears to preserve the life of the differential. With normal wear, the fluid will break down. If you fail to have your differential fluid changed, it could lead to increased friction that results in expensive repairs.



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