Tire Pressure and Tread Check Important for Optimal Performance

One of the essential investments you can make in your safety on the road is to do a monthly check of the pressure and tread on your car's tires. Maintaining proper pressure in your tires and ensuring that the tread hasn't become worn not only promotes optimal tire performance but also enhances safe driving.

Overinflated or underinflated tires not only reduce your traction, but also reduce your gas mileage and increase the risk of a blow-out. Check your vehicle manufacturer's recommendation for proper tire pressure from your owner's manual or look for the doorjamb sticker. Invest in an inexpensive tire gauge and make sure the tire is cold when checking pressure.

Maintaining proper tire tread is equally important. Simply insert a penny with Abe Lincoln's head facing down into the tread. If all of Lincoln's head is visible during this test, head to our Acura service center for new tires.



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