Properly Using Touch Up Paint to Eliminate Scratches

There's no need to feel heartsick if you notice small dings and scratches on your vehicle's surface. A touch up paint job is an economical way to help cover up imperfections that make your vehicle look older than it is.

Stop by our parts department at Duncan Acura in order to find out your vehicle's factory color code. If we don't have an exact match in stock, we can order it for you. It's important to use the correct touch up color so your repair job won't be noticeable.

For light scratches that aren't deep, sandpaper around the scratch to provide a rough surface that the touch up paint will adhere to. Deeper scratches that reveal metal or fiberglass underneath require more time and patience since a primer coat is necessary prior to painting. Use a small paintbrush, applicator or small matchstick to carefully apply a touch up coat.




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